How to enroll


What are the next steps?

After you sign a written consent, the treatment team will refer your contact information over to MyHealios. You will then be promptly contacted by a member of the MyHealios staff to schedule your first psychoeducation session.

What will it cost me to take part in the study?

There is no cost as long as the caregiver is part of the study. However, the MyHealios services end after 6 months. The program provides up to 16 sessions at no charge to the caregiver, and weekly sessions are 40 minutes in length.

What are the common issues that caregivers face?

  •  Not knowing about their loved one's disorder and how to deal with it.
  •  Feeling as if you are walking on eggshells around your loved one.
  •  Loved one not taking their medication and believing that they are not ill.
  •  Not knowing how to help their loved one stay out of the hospital.
  •  Loved one unmotivated and staying in their room all day.