Why MyHealios


Caring for a loved one can be very rewarding but at times it can also be very stressful, regardless whether you are new to, or experienced in caregiving. Looking after a loved one affected by a chronic disabling illness has an impact on family dynamics, comes in addition to the normal workload, and may even add significant financial pressure.


To become the essential partner of caregivers of patients who may have chronic conditions.


MyHealios was founded in Switzerland in 2012 by caregivers of patients with mental illness. We expanded in 2014 into the USA, where there is a great need for high quality, accessible caregiver training and support. Over time, MyHealios has gained unique expertise in caregiver training and support while achieving great impact with local communities as well as treatment centers across the USA.

Participating families have been consistently providing great feedback about MyHealios training and support services and many alumni have reported significant changes in their lives as a result of getting help from MyHealios.

Benefits/Differentiators for MyHealios.

Whether you are a caregiver by choice, need, or both, you have taken on a monumental task. But you don’t have to do it alone. We are your partner on this complex, challenging, and sometimes unrelenting journey.

What sets MyHealios apart?
  • With the enormous amount of information out there, it may feel like you are drinking from a firehose and still don’t know what to do. MyHealios is the only provider that simplifies your caregiving process by developing a Caregiver Plan Roadmap – a personalized guide to improving your well-being and reducing your caregiver burden.
  • We believe every situation is different and therefore apply the highest levels of individualization, compassion, understanding, and personalized care.
  • All MyHealios Experts have been trained and certified specifically in the needs, challenges and solutions for caregivers.
  • MyHealios is an affiliate member of The National Council For Behavioral Health.
  • MyHealios collaborates with the world’s largest companies to support caregivers.

About the Founder and CEO

Guilhem DuPont
Founder and CEO

Based on my own personal experiences of knowing someone close to me with mental illness I realized most support currently available for caregivers only provides basic listening and general information. These support services were unable to provide specific help in everyday situations, for example struggling to get a loved one to take their medication, supporting them to be more active and do something or helping them address their substance abuse.

I wanted to create a service that really helped to address the day-to-day challenges faced by those caring for someone with mental illness or Alzheimer's, a service that was easy to understand and widely accessible. I am passionate and committed to supporting as many families as we can.