Mental Health

Overview of Condition

The numbers are astonishing. Approximately 1 in 25 adults and 1 in 5 children in the U.S. currently live with a severe mental illness. That means that there are 15-20 million caregivers like you who give their heart and soul to maintaining a stable, loving, and safe life for a loved one.

Whether you are caring for a loved one diagnosed with schizophrenia, chronic depression or anxiety, they may rely on you to provide effective care but they also rely on you to be at YOUR healthiest, both mentally and physically. You have taken on an enormous responsibility – we are here to help. 

What is Mental Illness?

Mental health issues are diseases, disorders, or conditions that affect the brain and impact a person’s cognitive ability, mood, and/or behaviors. The range of mental health issues is vast and the symptoms are even more so, from mild discomfort to more serious concerns. Fundamentally, mental health issues can significantly impact a person’s daily functioning and often can cause individuals to rely on the ongoing support of a caregiver.

Caring for Someone with a Mental Illness

Caring for someone with a mental illness can be challenging and can severely impact the health and well-being of the caregiver. Your relationship may change, and there can be more stress as you take on the role and responsibility of caregiving. There is also the normal discomfort in having to call on skills you never knew you had when taking on such a challenging task. To provide effective support to your loved one, you must look after your own health and emotional wellbeing.

MyHealios Caregiver Intervention

At MyHealios, we do far more than just listen to your concerns and worries about caregiving, and we never work from a “one-size-fits-all” script. We offer a uniquely personalized, research-proven approach for caregivers to manage unpredictable and difficult mental health symptoms and behaviors. We have skilled caregiver coaches to support you and to assist you in creating a new normal for you and your family. This includes providing skills in self-care and maintaining a healthy life balance.

MyHealios is the proud recipient of the 2016 National Council Award of Excellence:

"Engaging Family Caregivers in Team-Based Care"