At MyHealios we provide guidance, skills, tools, and resources for caregivers of loved ones with severe mental illness or Alzheimer’s & dementia. Using a convenient live videoconference or telephone format, our experienced Experts provide

  • A personalized Caregiver Plan Roadmap with specific guidance to improve your emotional, social, physical, and financial/legal well-being.
  • A better understanding of your loved one’s illness.
  • An exploration into your own feelings and the ways your loved one’s illness or caregiving may be affecting you.
  • Guidance on handling various daily situations and troublesome behaviors.
  • Skills necessary to reduce your own stress, frustration or the overwhelming feeling of caregiving.
  • Ideas for next steps and resources available to resolve emotional, financial, daily living, educational, and legal issues.

All discussions are private, confidential, and personalized for your specific needs.

Process Explanation

Our process follows a simple, four step plan.

1. REGISTER: Simply sign up for FREE and schedule your Ask the Expert session. Registration also gives you exclusive access to your personal Member Area where you can schedule appointments with MyHealios experts, check your Wellness Report, review your CPR (Caregiver Plan Roadmap), read the newsletter, or research additional resources.

2. ASK THE EXPERT: A MyHealios Expert will call you at your chosen time. This free 45-minute phone session is the perfect opportunity for you to discuss simple daily living questions, concerns about your own emotions or personal challenges, or complex issues that are affecting your relationships, health, or well-being.

3. CAREGIVER PLAN ROADMAP: After your Ask the Expert call, your MyHealios Expert will provide you with CPR – your guide to next steps across a number of different areas. We take a hard look at what you might need to improve your well-being, and we use our expertise to provide guidance, whether that is a suggestion of therapy, seeking out a financial planner, building certain skills to help cope with stress, or any number of other possibilities. Bottom line: We take the world of possibilities and simplify them to a one-page roadmap with personalized next steps just for you.

4. VISIT: Return to your Member Area often, book additional sessions for ongoing therapy, training, or skill-building, and begin to improve the wellbeing of both you AND your loved one.


MyHealios is an out of network provider but will provide you with a billing statement. Reimbursement is dependent on many factors such as your medical insurance provider's policies, your insurance policy, medical necessity, ...etc. We suggest that you discuss with one of our coaches and we will assist you to ask the right questions to your medical insurance provider(s).